Florida Bill Would Force Mandatory HPV Vaccine for Public School Children

By On January 24, 2018

In a stomach turning move, lawmakers in Florida are trying to force its young population to undergo mandatory HPV vaccination in order for students to attend public school.

Senate Bill 1558 is titled the “Women’s Cancer Prevention Act,” and it’s virtually guaranteed that somewhere out of our sight, Merck is paying someone supporting this bill.

It would demand that all students 11 and 12 years old, male and female, receive the HPV vaccine in order to attend public school, which is of course mandatory as well unless you decide to homeschool, or “unschool.”

Florida’s mandatory vaccination laws for students in public school are already “Californian” enough, but they want to push it even further: because if you give an inch with people who don’t give a sh*t about you, they will take a mile.

According to a local Miami 7 news article from WSVN:

“Students in the state’s public schools are already required to be vaccinated for tetanus, polio, mumps, rubella and several other diseases. SB1558 would add HPV to that required vaccine list but says there would be procedures for exempting a child from immunization requirements.

Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington, D.C. have already passed similar mandates, according to Fox 13.”

What figurehead representing the larger complex of power is pushing the bill this time? Senator Jose Javier Rodriguez (D-Miami).

To contact him his information is at this page, or you can view the phone number and info at this screencap below.

People aware of vaccine injury understand that the HPV vaccine, sold under the brands Gardasil or Cervarix, is one of the most dangerous vaccines to be sold in this era so far.

Gardasil is known to cause symptoms ranging from paralysis, to specific types of cancer such as leukemia, to sudden death.

The 3 rounds of shots people are encouraged to take, usually around the age of 13 or 14, gradually wear away at a child’s body and the third shot is often the one that delivers the final blow to yield life changing symptoms.

One striking example of Gardasil’s destructive power can be found in the story of Hayley Willar. Hayley was among the first wave of kids who received Gardasil in 2010, and as a competitive figure skater, she sharply noticed the contrast in her energy levels and had to quit. Then her condition deteriorated into severe migraines, ovarian cysts, extreme sensitivity, anxiety, and other symptoms commonly reported by the Gardasil-injured.

Eventually she came down with leukemia, like the toddler Chase Topperwein who was accidentally given the Gardasil shot and passed away in New Zealand. But representing a perfect microcosm of the dynamic of naturopathy vs allopathy, Hayley’s mother Dayna figured out how to treat her cancer with cannabis oil and rejected chemo after a period of it making her condition worse.

Thousands more stories like this exist, and possibly tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people have been seriously injured by these HPV vaccines: most cases don’t get reported to VAERS.

VAERS is a government vaccine injury reporting system, and in VAERS files one can find dozens upon dozens of stories of death from Gardasil at this link.

And if you really want to investigate who makes Gardasil, Merck, watch this.


(Image credit: Washington Examiner, MCM, Merck, FLSenate)