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Five Ways to Heal Autoimmune Disease That Mainstream Medical Doctors Never Talk About

By On February 12, 2018

The autoimmune disease epidemic is becoming woven into the fabric of American life, and it’s a major issue for more than 50 million people in America.

Despite this growing problem, the mainstream medical establishment still lacks answers when it comes to this highly frustating and potentially devastating family of diseases.

Thankfully, however, many holistic doctors have begun taking on the enormous task of solving this issue, and Dr. Amy Myers is one of them.

The following are her five biggest tips for beginning the path to healing from autoimmune diseases.

Five Ways to Heal from an Autoimmune Disease

While the causes of the autoimmune epidemic are still being debated, many ideas have been floated out. Unfortunately they are almost never addressed and are instead eschewed in favor of drugs.

Stress, our immune systems being too overactive because of an onslaught of foreign particles in the system from glyphosate, other pesticides, genetically modified foods, and other causes have all been hypothsized.

However these diseases are contracted, they can be healed in time with the right approach, however.

Here are Dr. Myers’ top five ways to begin reversing autoimmune diseases:

1. Heal Your Gut- Leaky gut is becoming an epidemic in its own right, with many speculating that GMOs and pesticides are a big part of the reason why. In order to heal your gut, you’ve got to begin giving it the right building blocks to help cultivate healthy gut bacteria

This begins with fermented foods like sauerkraut and other pickled vegetables, which Dr. Myers calls “essentially food for good bacteria.” The war between good and bad bacteria in your body is constantly happening, and you need to support the good ones as best you can but adding foods like these and cutting out too much sugar whenever possible.

About 80% of your immune system lies in your gut, so this is extremely important.

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2. Remove Gluten, Grains and Legumes From Your Diet- Dr. Myers recommends removing these foods whenever possible because of lectins, proteins that mess up the gut when eaten too much.

Many people have seen great results by switching to a grain free diet with organic vegetables as the foundation instead of bread and wheat-based foods.

3. Test for Heavy Metals and Mycotoxins- Dr. Myers believes that heavy metals may be playing a serious role, and recommends that her clients get tested ASAP.

She also strongly insists on clients getting rid of their amalgam fillings, which may be laced with mercury that circulates through the system.

4. Find and Treat Infections- Bacterial infections have been suspected as causing and contributing to autoimmune disease by recent research.

This can be difficult to heal, but well worth it in aiding the entire recovery process.

For the fifth and final thing you need to do in order to heal from autoimmune diseases, check out the full article from Dr. Myers by clicking on this link.

It’s something that we all know all too well yet generally do a poor job of healing from as the days and weeks go by.

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