FBI Worked With Monsanto to Inform Them of Protests Ahead of Time

By On March 27, 2018

Recently, files were released that prove the FBI was using informants to try and derail police accountability movements, specifically protesters that went to Ferguson, Missouri and New York.

I can personally confirm that in 2014 when the Ferguson protests were going on, the genuine efforts of people trying to hold police accountable were vividly different from the activities of people who I believed to be paid informants. Now one person I suspect was an informant has been elevated to all kinds of inexplicable positions of publicity.

The Intercept published intensely redacted FBI documents that prove agents actually alerted Monsanto to a protest that was planned for their headquarters in the St. Louis area suburb of Creve Coeur during November 2014.

According to the Intercept:

“One report, produced on November 21, 2014, shows an FBI agent alerting officials about a protester’s plans to travel from New York to Ferguson for a Thanksgiving Day protest starting at a facility of Monsanto, a multinational agrochemical corporation. The FBI narrative, which was provided “for coordination with Monsanto,” does not mention how authorities knew about the protester’s travel plans. The report also highlights money raised for bail funds and “direct action devices” — a reference to materials used in protest demonstrations — but does not reference any indications of potential violence.

The intelligence summary notes the activist in question, whose name was redacted, is “believed to have been arrested at a previous protest.” The report also refers to a separate document about the individual, suggesting that the FBI had compiled an individualized dossier on the protester, according to summaries of the documents provided by Color of Change. A search of two FBI databases found no derogatory information on the activist, according to the report narrative.”

Think about what that means. Monsanto has the FBI working for them. Monsanto has the ability to get intelligence from the FBI as if it is a superior intelligence agency to the FBI itself, like a hierarchy.

This proves the government is strongly aligned with Monsanto on levels that penetrate to the issues of intelligence, privacy, and personal information.

The FBI’s authority has been abused to inform a corporation that does incomprehensibly immoral things, of their opposition that should instead be supported and admired.

A Freedom of Information Act order filed by a civil rights group called Color of Change and the Center for Constitutional Rights is the only reason this info was released, and they had to go to court for it. They filed a second case to push for the disclosure of something they called the “Race Paper” from the notoriously scary Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

This DHS paper is alleged to refer to the “radicalization of black citizens.” They’re probably referring to groups that encourage steady alternatives to corrupt government policies in black community: independent, grass roots organizations that threaten the perceived security provided by the state.

The state doesn’t like it when organizations arise from the black community like New Era Detroit, a group that successfully delivered truckloads of water to Flint, Michigan communities afflicted with tainted water when the government would not help the city.

Self sufficiency encouraging groups in the black community are being targeted by the DHS, FBI, and other entities, and they’re working with gigantic multinational corporations like Monsanto because they are the same team.

They may be working together to a greater capacity than we will ever be allowed to know.


(Image credit: DocumentCloud, Nydailynewsusatodayfreep)