Facebook Censored and Deleted March Against Monsanto Event

By On August 21, 2013
The State Weekly
In May, the March Against Monsanto movement made a huge impact worldwide when food sovereignty activists took to the streets and protested genetically modified organisms and the world’s largest biotech corporation, Monsanto.
Protesters in various countries and most cities around the United States made sure their voices were heard about their outrage toward the potential health dangers from GMOs and the crony capitalism involved with Monsanto.
On social media, the March Against Monsanto movement gained huge support and now more upcoming rallies have been scheduled. One rally in particular is planned to be in St. Louis, Missouri, where Monsanto’s global headquarters is located, making this rally a very significant one for many.
Interestingly though, as March Against Monsanto’s Facebook page stated on Monday, “Facebook deleted the “Meet Me In St Louis, March Against Monsanto’s Global Headquarters” Event”.
Nonetheless, passionate support didn’t let Facebook’s blockade prevent the event from happening. The St. Louis rally is planned for Saturday, October 12, 2013 to protest the corporation’s corporate headquarters.