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Explosive New Episode of National TV Show ‘The Doctors’ Exposes Monsanto Cancer Lawsuit, Lies Over Roundup Toxicity

By On November 8, 2017

While Monsanto generally has mostly escaped scrutiny and criticism in the mainstream media in recent years, more and more information is coming to light in the general public about the serious dangers of its products, including its best-selling weedkiller Roundup.

Mainstream television in general has been mostly absent in the ongoing GMO and Roundup debates, but some national shows have finally begun to cover the issue, including the popular show ‘The Doctors,’ which blew the lid off of Monsanto’s secrets, cancer lawsuits and more on its Wednesday, November 8 episode.

The wide-ranging episode covered everything from the millions of pages of confidential documents on Roundup toxicity to the heartbreaking personal story of one still-grieving widow who says she “watched her husband deterioriate” after long-term exposure to glyphosate.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the show yet, it’s a must watch that could shift the debate even further in the direction of truth.

“If He Hadn’t Used (Glyphosate), He’d Still Be Alive”

Teri McCall and her husband Jack bought their first farm in 1978 on six acres with the goal of growing avocado trees, and it was a dream come true for the couple.

But years later it turned into a nightmare when Jack, usually a healthy and fit man who spent his time tending his avocado trees and surfing, told Teri he had lumps in his neck.

He was so fatigued and so thin, he couldn’t even mow the lawn one day,” she says in a clip of the episode, which can be viewed on ‘The Doctors’ website.

After receiving chemotherapy due to the lump, his condition got worse, spreading to his abdomen before he suffered a massive stroke.

“I watched him deterioriate before my eyes,” Teri said. “I told him he was the best thing that ever happened to me, and that was it.”

Teri, one of many who have filed lawsuits against Monsanto, also noticed the same lumps in the neck of her dog, who passed away as well after spending his years following Jack around on the farm.

“I think that he died because of exposure to glyphosate and if he hadn’t used it for 35 years he’d still be alive,” she says on the episode, wiping away tears.

Monsanto Chief Toxicologist Admits Lack of Safety Testing

Also speaking on the landmark episode of the show was Brent Wisner, an attorney representing scores of alleged victims of poisoning from glyphosate and Roundup.

Wisner tells the true story of Roundup, which was originally patented not as an herbicide but as a substance used to de-scale industrial boilers, as it was created for in 1964.

Wisner gained access to millions of classified documents from Monsanto itself and said on the show that the company made a major mistake when they failed to file a motion to keep them confidential.

His firm posted them on their website and sent them to regulators in Europe, California and the EPA among others. The treasure trove of evidence will be used to defend many alleged victims with stories similar to McCall’s.

They actually first classified “glyposate” as a likely carcinogen; Monsanto hired an independent expert to re-review the tumors that were seen in (early) studies, then when they re-reviewed the tumors they suddenly discovered tumors that no one else had seen in the non-glyphosate group,” he says on the show.

Wisner also sheds light on a serious admission by Monsanto’s Chief Toxicologist Dr. Donna Farmer that once again exposes the company’s lack of due diligence and ongoing quest to hide the truth about its products.

Farmer had been invited to a previous show and vehemently defended Monsanto’s use of glyphosate in Roundup (Monsanto declined an invitation to the Nov. 8 show, however). Buried within the many pages of documents Wisner received was a stunning admission from the former show guest: a 2003 internal company email revealed the following from Farmer to Monsanto employees:

The terms glyphosate and Roundup cannot be used interchangably, for example you cannot say that Roundup is not a carcinogen we have not done the necessary testing on the formulation to make that statement,” she said.

Considering that most people use the full, potentially more toxic Roundup chemical formulation at home and on farms and not simply glyphosate, Farmer’s admission is a troubling one indeed. 

For more information on the bombshell new episode of ‘The Doctors’ or to watch clips, you can click on this link.