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Don’t Let the USDA Pass Misleading, Fake GMO Labeling Laws! Submit Your Comment Before It’s Too Late

By On May 17, 2018

When the state of Vermont originally passed its plain-text, no-fuss GMO labeling law, grassroots GMO transparency advocates across the country rejoiced.

But soon after, current Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with pro-Big Food reps and passed a new labeling law, based on discriminatory QR codes that make it extremely difficult for anyone to know if GMOs are in their food or not.

The new labels are finally being put into motion, and as fate would have it, they’re a clear handout to the Biotech industry with cheerful images and bright colors, making GMOs appear as “natural” looking as humanly possible.

Now is the perfect time to submit your comment against it and submit one in favor of common sense labels that actually say the words “GMO” on them, before consumers are left even more in the “DARK.”

Submit Your Comment Now for GMO Labeling

With the deadline fast approaching, it’s important that we have all hands on deck to tell the USDA that these purposely misleading GMO labels are simply unacceptable.

To submit your comment (be sure to ask that the words genetic engineering or genetically modified/GMO be placed directly on the label, since that is the only way consumers will know what they’re eating), visit the website by clicking here.

It is imperative that comments are given on the petition. Voice your own opinions, being extremely careful to not copy and paste a comment. Copy/paste comments will not be counted.

“This is our LAST chance to fight for clear, consumer-friendly GMO labels,” a blog post from the Just Label It organization reads.

“The Department of Agriculture has finally released a proposed rule to implement the mandatory GMO disclosure law passed in July 2016 – and it is far from the strong, consumer-friendly disclosure for which we’ve been fighting. The proposed rule does not even clearly require that all genetically engineered ingredients be disclosed!”

The deadline for the new rules to finalize is expected to be July 29, 2018.

Here’s the petition link one more time (if it doesn’t work well for you be sure to refresh multiple times).

Be sure share and tell your friends, because this could have a monumental effect on Monsanto and the Big Food industry.

Why the Misleading Proposed “GMO Labels” Must Be Changed

According to a new blog post from Moms Across America, the proposed new labels are very similar to the organic labels used in Europe, where “Bio” stands for Organic, adding to their extremely misleading nature.

The new so-called labels include the acronym “BE” which stands for “BIO-Engineered” food, but advocates say consumers are being left in the dark because most people have no clue what bioengineered actually means in regards to food, in stark contrast to the term GMO.

“The proposed symbols, with ‘BE’ for Bio-Engineering which are to represent genetically modified ingredients are unacceptable,” the organization’s website states.

“The symbols or wording on the package must only read Genetic Engineering, GE, Genetically Modified, or GMO. GMO manufacturers, food manufacturers, and the public have been using the phrases GE, genetic engineering, GMO or genetically modified organisms for YEARS. Anything else is misleading and deceptive.”

Moms Across America is a grassroots organization that has been testing popular food samples for glyphosate, the “probable human carcinogen” according to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, a weedkilling chemical that is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup.

The group encourages its members and supporters to spread the word about GMOs, glyphosate and chemicals in our food at Fourth of July parades, and has been successful in reaching a new demographic of people who otherwise wouldn’t be aware of the current unhealthy food crisis.

In order to provide a template for a better alternative, the group created clear, common sense and plain text GMO labels which can be viewed by clicking here (they look 10 times better and more transparent in my humble opinion).

Be sure to check them out, and sign this petition if at all possible because Monsanto is maneuvering to flood the market with more unlabeled GMOs than ever before thanks to a new $125 million investment.