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Donald Trump Names a New Manufacturing Head — And It’s GREAT News for One of America’s Top GMO Conglomerates

By On December 14, 2016

One of the biggest reasons for Hillary Clinton’s stunning failure to win the 2016 presidential election was her brazen support for the United States’ biggest and most controversial corporations.

Clinton’s support for huge pharmaceutical conglomerates, fracking, big banks, and Big Ag (including her infamous ties to Monsanto) provided an enormous amount of fuel for her detractors, and ended up giving Donald Trump an edge in the long run.

Trump remained quiet on many controversial topics relating to the environment and the food system leading up to the election, but now his true colors may starting to show — and some worry that it’s not exactly an encouraging development.

Trump Hires Major Chemical Co. CEO

According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, Trump has made an appointment that environmental groups are not exactly thrilled with: Dow Chemical Co. CEO Andrew Liveris has been named to head his manufacturing council. Trump made the surprise announcement at a recent campaign-style rally, the article said.

Dow Chemical Company, based in Midland, MI, is one of the top ten pesticide producers in the world, and is also a huge producer of genetically engineered seeds through its Dow AgroSciences division.

The company recently announced a merger with fellow seed and chemical giant DuPont that should be completed in 2017, creating yet another agrochemical mega-corporation to compete with merger partners Monsanto and Bayer.

At the Trump rally, Liveris made an announcement of his own: a new research and development center would be opened in the company’s home state of Michigan, creating 200 new jobs.

“This decision is because of this man and these policies,” Liveris said in Grand Rapids, MI; “I tingle with pride listening to you,” he added.

Dow has been cutting positions recently, announcing in June that it would cut 4% of its global workforce.

Trump’s new plan is to create a manufacturing panel called the ‘American Manufacturing Council,’ with the goal of creating jobs and bringing new ideas to put people back to work, especially in the Midwest where much of the country’s manufacturing base has historically been located.

More details on the panel will be announced next week; however, the question is whether Trump will make any room for a newer, more sustainable type of American manufacturing base one that unfortunately appears on the verge of being squeezed out in favor of the old guard of polluters and chemical purveyors.

For more on the announcement, check out the full WSJ article by clicking here.

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