Del Bigtree, RFK Lawsuit Alleges COMPLETE FAILURE to Conduct Necessary Vaccine Safety Research Over Three Decades-Plus

By On July 16, 2018

The documentary film Vaxxed may be one of the most important of our time, but the unfortunate reality of the situation is that it was heavily censored by the powers-that-be, and even by the otherwise progressive film festival Tribeca.

Censorship has heavily cut into the film’s pool of potential viewers, but the message has still carried serious weight in the holistic health community since its release in April 2016.

Now, Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree and his associate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. are making waves again, this time for a lawsuit that aims to expose the neglectful attitude of a government agency that is supposed to be protecting us from harm.

Del Bigtree, RFK Jr. Blow Lid Off of Vaccine Safety Controversy

According to court documents, Del Bigtree’s Informed Consent organization has filed a lawsuit against the United States Department of Health and Human Services, alleging that the government branch failed to live up to its duty of conducting key vaccine safety studies in the wake of the 1986 court ruling that vaccine makers can’t be sued for cases of harm alleged against them.

“They did not do one single safety study in the last 30 years or at least they state they have no record of anything!!,” wrote Health Freedom Idaho in a blog post that included full court documents for the lawsuit.

The lawsuit essentially says that the HHS has never looked at any safety or adverse reactions from any vaccine over the 31 years the organization has been given oversight, the blog post said.

It was reportedly necessitated by the constant ignorance and denial of his Freedom of Information Act requests on the matter, and the longtime environmental and public interest attorney is hoping to collect information on the required safety studies and vaccine licensure requirements that the HHS is supposed to have handled over the years.

Because the pharmaceutical industry has no liability for the harm their vaccines may be causing (over $3.6 billion has been paid out to vaccine injury victims since the 1986 ruling), it goes without saying that the HHS’ role in this system is extremely important.

According to the lawsuit, however, they have failed to protect the American people by providing a system of checks-and-balances on the great power being wielded by the pharmaceutical inudstry.

The HHS’ Telling Response to RFK Jr’s FOIA Requests

As detailed in the court documents, which can be read here, the HHS was unable to provide any sort of record that they’ve been conducting and carrying out their responsibilities as mandated in order to protect U.S. citizens.

On June 29, the HHS sent ICAN the following response to their request:

“The [Department’s] searches for records did not locate any records responsive to your request. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Immediate Office of the Secretary (IOS) conducted a thorough search of its document tracking systems…”

The department also conducted a review of “all relevant indexes of HHS Secretarial Correspondence records…” and was still unable to find the relevant documentation of this much-needed safety program.

If what RFK, Jr. and Bigtree found is true, the vaccine injury safety net responsible for protecting millions of people has been completely removed for over 30 years, and most people still don’t even know it.

If in fact true, it’s a grave misdeed to say the very least and yet another piece of evidence as to why so many people are abandoning all trust in the vaccine industry and choosing alternative ways to protect their kids from disease.