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Cancer Patients Suing Monsanto by the Hundreds: CNN Offers Up Rare Mainstream Media Report

By On May 17, 2017

With the 2017 March Against Monsanto looming, the company’s future remains uncertain in many ways, and much of that uncertainty is due to the extreme backlash surrounding Roundup.

Monsanto’s best-selling weed killer and its active ingredient glyphosate, dubbed a “probable human carcinogen” by the World Health Organization, have been written about ad nauseum.

But the mainstream media has been surprisingly lenient in many ways.

Now, a blockbuster CNN article is exposing the true story behind one victim’s health struggles, while also shedding light on the GMO giant’s recent scandals and including one attorney’s prediction of huge legal trouble ahead for the remainder of 2017.

Thousands of New Lawsuits Expected Against Monsanto

The article titled ‘Patients: Roundup Gave Us Cancer as EPA Official Helped the Company,’ which can be read in its entirety by clicking on this link, tells the story of 67-year-old Sheppard, who was stumped as to what caused her non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma until a group of cancer researchers from the World Health Organization made their “cancer” declaration on glyphosate.

She had sprayed her coffee farm in Hawaii with the herbicide for five years, the article notes, and was “incensed” when she found out the news.

Her story is one of hundreds of cancer patients now suing Monsanto claiming the company failed to warn consumers about the risks of cancer associated with Roundup. California is now forcing the company to do so after years on the market without any such warning labels.

Monsanto insists that its product is safe, but its chemicals have been implicated in many cases like Sheppard’s as part of what is expected to be an even larger torrent of cases against the company.

It’s expected that between 2-3,000 such cases will be filed against Monsanto by similar plaintiffs by the end of 2017 according to Timothy Litzenburg, a lawyer quoted in the article whose firm represents over 500 such plaintiffs.

Monsanto’s defenses of the product have thus far allowed it to be given the benefit of the doubt from the EPA, but as the CNN article points out, recent events are casting serious doubt on Monsanto’s contention that Roundup is safe. “If I can kill this, I should get a medal,” one former EPA official has been quoted as saying in leaked emails referencing a key safety study that never got off the ground because of what watchdog organizations are calling an example of government collusion between the EPA and Monsanto.

A Monsanto spokeswoman denied the accusations of Roundup’s carcinogenic effects, but emails suggest that Monsanto executive William F. Heydens pushed for ghostwritten safety “studies” signed off on by scientific “experts” in order to quell concerns raised by the WHO declaration.

The specter of the scandal continues to follow the company at every turn.

A Monsanto spokeswoman said the company has never paid, given gifts to or done anything else to curry favor with anyone from the EPA, but the damage to Monsanto’s already shaky reputation and public trust is clearly taking a toll on the company.

All of that pales in comparison to what the victims like Sheppard are going through, of course.

“They didn’t take away my life, thank goodness, but they took away our dreams, our savings,” she said of Monsanto to CNN. Sheppard was forced to move from Hawaii to California to seek cancer treatment.

And she’s just one in a long list of plaintiffs with similar stories, all of whom combined hold the power to make life difficult for the embattled company and its already troubled image.

For more on her story as well as the Monsanto/EPA collusion controversy, check out the full article from CNN by clicking on this link.