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BREAKING NEWS: Several Protesters Arrested at Monsanto Location in Suburban California

By On May 22, 2017

The 2017 March Against Monsanto is officially in the books (excluding some locations that will march again this coming weekend due to rainouts), but the protesting is far from over in one California city.

On May 22, just two days after the 2017 March, it was announced by the Facebook group The Anti-Monsanto Project that 11 protesters had been arrested for blocking the entrance to the Monsanto location in Woodland, CA.

The news has been confirmed by the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office in California, where multiple protesters were still being held as of Monday afternoon.

According to Sergeant Matt Davis of the Sheriff’s Office, 11 people have been arrested for Unlawful Assembly, and it is unknown as to when they will be released.

Monsanto Protest Ends With Arrests

At the entrance to the Woodland Monsanto location this morning, a group of protesters gathered and sat in front of the company’s parking lot entrance, chanting “Monsanto! Shut It Down!” and streaming the proceedings on Facebook Live.

They spoke about the upcoming Bayer-Monsanto merger, the harm being caused by the “probable human carcinogen” Roundup (according to the World Health Organization), the deadly history of the company and much more. They also voiced their support for California’s new Roundup warning labels.

Protests have been held at the aforementioned Monsanto location for years, but this year’s edition had a much different ending.

“They didn’t resist, everyone was cooperative,” Davis said of the protesters, of which five have been released so far.

“They sat down in front of the main entrance blocking access inside and out, we gave them three minutes (to leave) but they chose to remain,” he said, speaking of the incident which happened at approximately 5:20 a.m. Pacific time.

The Anti-Monsanto Project’s Facebook page has been posting updates and photos of the protests throughout the day, and has said its supporters will stay at the Sheriff’s office until all of the remaining protesters are released.

“We are at Yolo county jail doing jail support!” they posted.

“We’re not leaving until our people are freed!”

According to Davis, the protesters are in line to be issued court dates and will be released.

You can watch a video of the Monsanto shutdown protest from the page by clicking on this link. You can also watch a video of the arrests below.

Photos from Rudy Ruiz, who was on the scene at the protest, can also be found on Facebook by clicking here.

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Posted by James Lee Clark on Monday, May 22, 2017