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BREAKING NEWS: Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant to Step Down as Bayer Takeover Officially Gets Underway

By On May 8, 2018

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant rose to his current post back in 2003, and has since overseen the company through everything from high earnings to market domination to countless protests and lawsuits against it.

He’s also witnessed the banning of GMOs in his own home country of Scotland, even as the United States government continues to subsidize and even promote them.

It’s been a long and challenging ride filled with plenty of ups and downs, but now it appears to be coming to its end as the controversial leader of one of the world’s most hated companies has officially announced that he will step down just a little over a week from the international March Against Monsanto.

Despite the news, it appears as if Bayer is not willing to back down from the constant protests and legal troubles. In fact, the company looks set to double down on GMOs and synthetic, toxic pesticides, and actually looks set to join forces with Monsanto like never before.

Bayer Executive Set to Take Over Monsanto

According to this article from Reuters, Bayer executive Liam Condon will now take over the Monsanto Company, and will lead a combined new mega-division comprised of top minds from both companies’ GMO crop divisions, which will be known as “crop sciences.”

Bayer CropScience is a division of the German pharmaceutical and GMO giant’s business focusing on “innovative crop solutions as well as seeds and traits to increase productivity,” in other words an agricultural model centered around GMOs and harsh pesticides, much like the model Monsanto has been pushing for decades.

It’s not known whether or not Monsanto will keep its name, but past speculation has been that the Monsanto Company could be history as we know it.

It all adds up to a cunning new busines strategy; a new company with far more power and control of the world foods, pharmaceutical and seeds market than ever before, but one that may very well end up operating without having to deal with the disadvantages of the Monsanto name (which has become the equivalent of a dirty word throughout much of the developed world).

Bayer Set to Close on Monsanto Takeover

The new GMO food mega-company could be made official sometime this quarter, the Reuters article said, and it will possess more than 25 percent of the world’s seed and pesticides market when it’s all said and done.

In addition, Monsanto’s Chief Operating Officier Brett Begemann will now take on the same role at Bayer’s CropScience division, which will be based in St. Louis, the site of Monsanto’s current headquarters.

Now, instead of being hamstrung by the Monsanto name, the new mega-company will have the ability to churn out GMOs and toxic pesticides all under the Bayer moniker, which is famous for creating well known products like Bayer aspirin and pharmaceutical drugs, and is seen as a mostly trustworthy company on the forefront of science.

Considering Monsanto’s new $125 million deal to flood the market with unlabeled GMO strawberries, wheat and other lab created foods sprayed with toxic pesticides, it goes without saying that the fight for clean and healthy organic food has just been ratcheted up another level.

With that in mind, it’s important to take a few minutes to learn the true, sordid history of both companies (including Bayer’s involvement with the Nazis back in World War II), and to inform your friends and family about why we should boycott them.

Monsanto may never be the same again and Grant is finally gone, but that doesn’t obscure the fact that there is still much work to be done if we want to save our food supply and the environment from the icy grip of these toxic chemical companies.

Thanks as always for your support and we’ll see you for the international March on May 19 (email  [email protected] for more information on an event near you).