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Bill Gates Meets With Donald Trump, Attempts to Sell President on Safety of Vaccines

By On April 21, 2017


While critics say vaccines are given a free pass in terms of their safety by the U.S. government thanks to a 1986 act that made it illegal to sue drug companies over health damages, new president Donald Trump has already shared his concerns with the world. 

Trump has personally said he vaccinated his son Baron but spaced the shots out in order to give his immune system and body more time to recover from any potential side effects, the “old-fashioned way.”

He also has previously spoken with attorney and advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. about a possible vaccine safety commission that would look into the potential harm being caused by vaccines ($3.6 billion has been paid out through a government vaccine court since the ’86 law was passed to victims).

But now, the Trump administration seems poised to pledge hundreds of millions to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s charity Gavi to fulfill a commitment to vaccinating kids around the world — while nary no new information has been heard about his original plan for a vaccine safety commission.

Trump Meets With Bill Gates on Vaccines

Absolutely!” Gates said according to StatNews when asked about whether he had brought up vaccines with the president, whose meeting with Kennedy Jr. launched a national debate about vaccine safety.

Calling vaccines “miracles” that have “done great things,” Gates said he discussed the topic with Trump, noting that it “came up” in conversation.

According to the article he also attempted to impress upon the president the “danger of confusing the messages around vaccines.” The president reportedly later repeated them when he met with a delegation from the pharmaceutical industry.

He added that Trump mentioned to them a comment Gates had made in their meeting:

I heard when he saw pharma guys he said he was still wondering about vaccines, but he did mention to them that I’d said to him that I’d looked at it and that they were completely safe and that we shouldn’t raise any doubts about that.”

Meanwhile, Kennedy Jr. went on the Fox News show Tucker Carlson Tonight, sharing information on a recent study of African boys that he may have just raised troubling new questions about the safety of vaccines being distributed overseas (watch the interview here), among other new information on the vaccine safety controversy. 

For more information on Gates and Trump’s meetings, check out the full article from Stat by clicking here. Independent researcher Jeffrey Jaxen also offered up his take on the meeting; you can read it by clicking here