Bayer Gobbles Up Toxic Monsanto For $66 Billion

By On September 14, 2016

Monsanto can run, but they can’t hide.

In breaking news today, it was announced that Bayer will acquire Monsanto and their poisonous wares for an estimated $66 billion dollars. The most surprising aspect of the merger is the fact that Bayer would be willing to take on the global disdain that many hold for Monsanto.

Let it be known. Bayer has acquired much more than Monsanto’s toxic profit machine; they have acquired the anger of the world, the unwavering passion of activists for clean food and a safe environment, and the unyielding determination held by millions that our children deserve a better, healthier future.

Obviously, we should take a brief pause to celebrate our efforts. One has to assume Monsanto, one of the most powerful corporations in the world, probably wouldn’t have curled up and allowed themselves to be gobbled up by Bayer if it weren’t for the amazing efforts of millions of people all over the globe. We have held their feet to the fire for the better part of the last 4 years. We have exposed their corruption, we have made them lose millions, we have been the reason a 1/3 of their workforce has been laid off and we are the reason the word “Monsanto” is the equivalent to “toxic poison” for much of the world.

And we will do the same for Bayer, Syngenta, Dow, the CDC, Big Pharma and anyone else who wishes to profit at the expense of our children and their health.

We will not stop. Ever.

***For more details on the merger, the RT story follows.

(RT)-German pharmaceuticals giant Bayer has agreed to buy American GMO company Monsanto for $128 a share. The acquisition values Monsanto’s equity at about $56 billion, but including debt, the deal is worth nearly $66 billion.

The deal is the largest corporate takeover in almost two decades for a German company.

The latest bid offered by Bayer is 22 percent above Monsanto’s closing price on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday.

The acquisition of the leading GMO maker will make Bayer the world’s biggest seed and pesticide producer. The takeover is expected to be closely scrutinized by antitrust regulators.

The deal will potentially leave just a few large global players in the crop and seed industry. American conglomerate DuPont reportedly plans to merge with the Dow Chemical Company and China National Chemical Corporation is set to acquire Swiss agribusiness Syngenta.

Monsanto is as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of genetically modified seeds. The company has long been criticized in Europe, with many consumers skeptical of GMO-derived produce.

Bayer has signed a deal that includes a fee of $2 billion should the transaction fail to get regulatory clearance as planned, a source told Reuters. It should be closed by the end of 2017.

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