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Award-Winning New Film ‘Modified’ Blows the Lid Off of GMO Labeling Deception in America

By On February 6, 2018

The general public has been given a crash course on genetically modified organisms, glyphosate, and other key topics surrounding the Monsanto Company and their control, and poisoning, of the food supply in recent years.

But the finer details of what’s really going on behind close doors, and what’s being hidden in plain sight, are still lost on much of the general public.

For example, why is GMO labeling a privilege afforded to citizens of 60+ countries around the world and yet nowhere to be found in the United States?

And why are other countries, like Germany for example, mobilizing to ban the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup (glyphosate) while popular foods, soil, rainwater, and even breast milk test positive for dangerously high levels of the chemical?

These are just a few of the topics covered in ‘Modified,’ a new GMO documentary that asks the hard questions the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge.

Here’s One, Here’s a Tobacco Plant With a Pig Gene”

Featuring some of the biggest names in the pro-organic, non-GMO, and pro-labeling movements like Rachel Parent, the teen activist who famously took on TV bully Kevin O’Leary over GMO labeling, and Andrew Kimbrell of the Center for Food Safety, the new film is set to play in limited theater arrangements for the rest of the winter and spring, culminating in a DVD release in late 2018.

It features hard-hitting interviews and perspectives on the GMO labeling fight and other pressing topics that the mainstream media completely misses.

“If you add water to a food product, you must put water on the food label, but if you add an insecticide through genetic engineering you need not label,” muses one interviewee in the film trailer, which can be viewed by clicking on this link.

“Here’s one, here’s a tobacco plant with a pig gene,” states another in a scene from the film, during which an assortment of genetically engineered plants is shown. Genetically engineered plants are often capable of cross contaminating non-GMO ones, and release novel genes into the environment that may have unknown consequences long-term.

As the film hammers home, GMO labeling is still not mandatory in the United States, mostly because of the tens of millions of dollars Big Food has spent in order to prevent the labels from appearing on food packages.

In Vermont, a plain text labeling bill passed in May 2014 which would have set the standard for the rest of the country.

But backroom dealings and a stamp of approval from President Barack Obama made the so-called DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act the law of the land instead of the simple labeling seen throughout Europe and other countries.

Consumers will have to follow a convoluted web-based system at the grocery store just to see a single yes or no answer as to whether a product contains GMOs or not, making educated shopping an even more time-consuming and frustrating affair for those who wish to avoid the lab-created ingredients, which represent the biggest single change to our food supply in many decades.

‘Modified’ follows the story of a filmmaker’s relationship to her mother, a passionate gardener and food activist, who team up to go on an investigative journey to expose the full extent to which industrial food interests control our food supply and food policies, mostly through deception and lobbying.

Already the film has been featured by several major film festivals and has won multiple awards.

For more information, including how to host a screening, check out the film’s website by clicking here.

You can also check out their Facebook page by clicking on this link.

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