Autism Decoded: A Doctor’s Journey For Answers Points To Food, Vaccines, and Monsanto

By On April 7, 2016

By Christian Bogner, M.D.

In 2014, the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated the prevalence of ASD as 1 in 68 children. This prevalence reflects a rise in the diagnosis of ASD and presents a significant financial and care burden on families and society at large.

The Autism and pediatric societies are basically in the dark about the mysterious causes. Genetic research appears to identify a new gene damage every day, unfortunately with no strong data.

Meanwhile, Autism rates keep skyrocketing. Currently, there are an estimated 3,5 million Americans on the autism spectrum. Related services cost U.S. citizens $236-262 billion per year. With the 10% steady increase every year, it is estimated that 1 in 9 children will be diagnosed with autism by the year 2025. This would be enough to not provide enough manpower to support our armed forces. You could conclude that this epidemic is a national security threat.

Maybe we have been digging in the wrong woods. Let’s maybe step back and make sure we are not missing something. Are we ignoring environmental influences, like the food we feed our children, our newborns? Are newborn formulas safe? Have you ever wondered what exactly is contained in these newborn formulas?

If you have a genetically modified food product, you can assume it also contains traces of the pesticide Roundup. In Europe, most GMO cropping is banned! In the US, it is not even law to mention that your food is genetically modified! The complete opposite! Mandatory GMO labeling could concern the consumer, so they say. Despite widespread movements against this lack of GMO labeling, millions are spent by corporations to defend the status quo. Business is good. Who do you believe would admit if GMO foods truly threaten our health? The FDA? The CDC? The companies themselves? The World Health Organization (WHO) already demonstrated that Roundup is causing cancer. It contaminates thousands of food products. The EPA does not deny this. They just say it is harmless. But could this be part of the Autism puzzle? And is there any hope on the horizon for these desperate parents with their sick children? The answer will hopefully be a little clearer at the end of this article.

Twenty-first century medicine utilizes most pharmaceuticals not to cure disease, but to cover up symptoms. The two FDA-approved pharmaceuticals, Risperdal and Abilify, are approved for treating “symptoms” of Autism. Along with these two dangerous approved medicines, there are the off-label heavy weights that are even potentially harmful to an adult, e.g. Klonopin. Side effects include dependence, seizures, syncope, respiratory depression, liver problems, overdose and death.
Autism develops due to early exposure of Roundup (also known as glyphosate) and glutamate. Let us discuss why this is the case.

It is important to remember that both glutamate and Roundup are toxins. When we talk about the causes for autism, however, we need to remember that BOTH together are necessary for the development of the disorder. So we cannot just blame vaccines or another single agent. That is why it is so important to learn about both of them and understand why that is the case.

Glutamate – Harmless or tricky poison?

Our bodies produce glutamate, so it is actually not required to be in our diet (hence, it’s classified as a non-essential amino acid). For the brain, glutamate is absolutely necessary to function. But the supply of glutamate comes from other sources within us, not from your diet.

In autism, this “firing” process is not regulated. Imagine brain cells just randomly firing at 266 miles per hour, left and right, up and down. In theory, this would be giving the brain huge potential to perceive the immediate environment. Unfortunately, this is not so. The arms (dendrites) reach out to each other, but are not making connections that are able to create a meaning of the current situation. It also cannot create long term memory very easily for reasons we will discuss. This is basically the brain of an autistic patient. An inflamed state. A brain on fire!
One of the reasons for this is the unregulated excess of Glutamate in our diets. Your child’s brain can have trouble processing this “excess glutamate”. That is why glutamate has a very narrow range of being essential when produced from within and toxic when obtained externally.

Since then, hundreds of studies concluded that glutamate is an excitotoxin, meaning that an excess can activate the neuron until it burns itself out! That would explain why severely autistic children are so sensitive to their environments. Sounds, crowded rooms and unfamiliar places are being picked up so much more intensely. This causes stress, frustration, anxiety, aggression and the sad inability to make sense of our environment. Remember, it is not their choice! Grandmother’s goldfish treats can set your child off for days. This is how powerful this connection is.

Autism societies advise us to accept autism. How can we, when these children can be helped? We hear more and more parents reversing their child’s diagnosis. The MAMMA group reported that a 24-year old non-verbal autistic individual started speaking his first words after just two days of cannabis treatment.

Excess glutamate receptor (NMDA) activation can stimulate growth of certain areas of the brain, while neglecting others. Research has shown that the brains of embryos have very large numbers of receptors for glutamate during the early stage of brain formation. Too much glutamate receptor activation in the pregnant mother or during the first years of life would explain not only why the majority of autistic patients have heavier and larger brains, but why some have self-destructive behaviors and yet others can play a musical instrument unusually early. Random areas in the brain were stimulated while others were neglected. That is why there is such a wide and varied range of autistic symptoms. The number and amounts of toxins, the age and duration of exposure, and other factors all play a role.

Interestingly the free-glutamate concentration is very high in vaccines, especially the so-called “live vaccines”. MMR is such a vaccine. With great interest I follow the new documentary VAXXED, which premiered in New York this weekend. Apparently there is a CDC scientist who blows the whistle, claiming that the MMR vaccine studies were fraudulent and manipulated.

There is mounting evidence that not only the rise in human obesity and diabetes is linked to the ingestion of monosodium glutamate, but the increase in autism and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder as well.

In the scientific literature scientists and researchers have used MSG in their experiments to purposely create obese and pre-diabetic test subjects, trigger epileptic seizures, create ischemic strokes, and destroy cell tissues in vivo and in vitro for the last 30 years.

Monsanto’s Roundup in combination with MSG = autism?

In Michigan, 13% of mothers are exclusively breastfeeding their newborns at the age of 6 months (source: CDC here). That means 8/10 babies are bottle-fed. The numbers are similar in other states. Most mothers purchasing infant formula have no idea they are feeding their baby a product that has been genetically engineered to survive exposure to high levels of chemical pesticides, which are also included in trace amounts for you and your infant to enjoy. In the first ever testing on glyphosate herbicide in the breast milk of American women, Moms Across America and Sustainable Pulse have found ‘high’ levels in 3 out of the 10 samples tested (full story here). The shocking results point to glyphosate levels building up in women’s bodies over a period of time, which has until now been refuted by both global regulatory authorities and the biotech industry. This is alarming; mainly due to the recent report by the WHO reporting RoundUp’s carcinogenic properties, specifically non-Hodking’s lymphomas.

Genetic tests were conducted on three brands of infant formula bought at the Fred Meyer in Portland. Two products that tested positive for genetically engineered soy included Similac Soy Isomil and Enfamil ProSobee Powder Soy Infant Formula. Both products tested positive for Monsanto’s genetically engineered soy that is engineered to tolerate spraying with the herbicide glyphosate, as well as Liberty Link soy that has been genetically engineered by Bayer Crop Sciences to tolerate spraying with the herbicide glufosinate.

Why not every child becomes autistic

Now why is it that some children regress after high doses of glutamate (e.g. MMR vaccine) and some don’t? Understanding this distinction requires understanding this core piece of information:

To review: In order to activate the glutamate receptor you need 2 chemicals, glutamate and glycine; both provided by your body. When you have excess dietary glutamate the neuron wouldn’t fire without glycine. Your body knows this. It can be considered a protective mechanism, because you need 2 keys to open the door. Your body certainly will not provide the glycine, otherwise every child eating daily “Goldfish” treats would be autistic. The difference is that the children who ARE autistic have another “excess” that mimics the glycine: Roundup. The chemical name of Roundup is N–phosphonomethyl–glycine! Children who were chronically exposed pre- and postnatally with Roundup (causing bowel inflammations and malabsorption problems) are at risk. Why? Because now they are vulnerable for the dangers of excess glutamate.

While taking all this research into consideration, I postulate that the etiology of autism is gastrointestinal destruction of floral bacteria via chronic low dose Roundup exposure to humans in utero and after they are born. This leads to gastrointestinal inflammation and malabsorption of key nutrients. This is explained and proven by the shikimate pathway disruption in bacterial flora (example of research evidence here). The shikimate pathway is a chemical reaction within our floral bacteria in our gut. The bacterial bioflora is doing an amazing job providing three very important compounds to be absorbed into our bloodstream from our gut: tryptophan, phenylalanine and tyrosine. The lack of these essential compounds will lead to a lot of other problems (including dealing with excess toxins like aluminium, copper and mercury). This will add to the negative effects on the whole system, because as we have learned, glyphosate activates the glutamate receptor along with excess glutamate from our diet (your prenatal vitamins included) and vaccines. Excess glutamate is impairing structured coordination of synaptic plasticity. The brain cell is literally burning out.

This is only a portion of Dr. Christian Bogner’s excellent editorial. To read the rest of Dr. Bogner’s fascinating article which includes treatment options, the effects cannabis plays in blocking glutamate, article sources and much morevisit here.